Wine Tasting List

          - $5 for 6 Tastings, IF you go over we don’t care!!!!
          - Start with dry, end with sweet
          - You save 10% on a case purchases

Red Wines

Chambourcin  -  $13.99/$4.00

This vine is one of Pennsylvania’s finest. With its deep red color and tastes of berries and smoked oak that ends into a smooth finish.

Hindseitz 20/20  $13.99/$4.00
This Merlot has dark purple/red color with tastes of cherries and a hint of oak.

Jake Anthony  - $13.99/$4.00
Named after one of the owners son. A MALBEC wine that has characteristics that fall between Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. A mid-season ripener with deep color, ample tannin, and a particular plum-like flavor.

Concord - $13.99/$4.00

This is our first harvested grape. An all-American grape that you don't study, you just drink it!!!

Nothing to Wine About - $13.99/$4.00
This Cabernet Sauvignon has rich, intense aromas of deep berry fruits, flowers and oak.

White Wines

Love The Wine Your With - $13.99/$4.00

The flavors are described as citrus and melon CHARDONNAY is a versatile grape producing soft, fruity wine, without oak.

It's Wine O'clock Somewhere - $13.99/$4.00
Gewurztraminer, "Gewurz" meaning spice, this wine has flavors of cinnamon and clove with flowery perfume aromatic nodes of roses.

Drunkin' Love - $13.99/$4.00

Sauvignon Blanc has a green grape that produces a crisp refreshing white wine.

Catawba - $13.99/$4.00
A sweet, tart, and fruit wine. Best served chilled.   

Hauto Moscato - $13.99/$4.00

This is one of our sweeter wines. You will get great intensity with hints of orange and spice.

Pinot Ponch - $13.99/$4.00
This sweeter Pinot Grigio is named after the owners nick name "ponch" (I'm sure someone will tell you the story). It is a soft, gently perfumed white.

Blush Wines

White Zinfandel - $13.99/$4.00

This wine is made from red zinfandel grapes, but the grape skins are quickly removed after they are crushed so there is significantly less contact time with the red grape skin, resulting in a pink/rose colored wine.